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R-KNOW Knowledge Database is operated by means of mobilising and developing the stakeholders qualified in their field in each pilot country. This is the duty of each national facilitator. R-KNOW KD brings:

  • Lessons learned of successful demo projects applying systemic approaches to water management
  • Knowledge, insights and awareness on systemic approaches to sustainable water resource management
  • Guiding papers on systemic approaches that could be applied to Natural Resources Management

Groundwater Artificial Recharge: The Marj Sanour Watershed - Palestinian Occupied Territories

Ecosystems rehabilitation Sustainable technologies


Groundwater forms the main water source in the Marj Sanour Watershed. While, domestic water is mainly abstracted from deeper aquifers, shallow aquifers are mainly used for agricultural purposes. Due to drought and the over pumping of agricultural boreholes drilled in the area, groundwater levels of shallow aquifers dropped to more than 80 meters during the last ten years and caused serious reductions in pumping from agricultural wells. This has obliged farmers to seek alternatives to increase water availability to sustain agriculture in the area. This case study comes as part of the Regional Knowledge Network on Water (R-KNOW) and is funded by the European Union.

Geographical coverage

Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Groundwater Artificial Recharge,التغذية الاصطناعية للمياه الجوفية, Recharge artificielle des eaux souterraines

Publication date

Thursday, 06 November 2014


Sayel Wishahi, Palestinian Hydrology Group

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