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R-KNOW Knowledge Database is operated by means of mobilising and developing the stakeholders qualified in their field in each pilot country. This is the duty of each national facilitator. R-KNOW KD brings:

  • Lessons learned of successful demo projects applying systemic approaches to water management
  • Knowledge, insights and awareness on systemic approaches to sustainable water resource management
  • Guiding papers on systemic approaches that could be applied to Natural Resources Management

Resilience to Climate Change along the Nile in Egypt

Climate change


This case study comes as part of the Social, Ecological & Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change (SEARCH) Egypt. SEARCH is a three year (2011 - 2013) regional project led by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Regional Office for West Asia and implemented in partnership with ten organizations (CEDARE, PHG, AWO, CEOSS,UAWC, BDRC, SPNL, MADA Association, Abdelmalik Essadi University, IUCN MED and ATED) from the five countries mentioned above and is supported by the IUCN Global Water Program in Switzerland and the Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI) - Wageningen in the Netherlands. The objective of the project is to increase social and ecological Resilience in watershed ecosystems of the Mediterranean Region in the face of climate and other drivers of change. Among the results that the project aims to accomplish is joint development and application of practical tools and guidelines (i.e. the toolkit) with policy makers to contribute to regional, (sub-)national and sector strategies and plans for climate change adaptation, water resources management, poverty reduction and economic development.

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Resilience to Climate Change, climate change, Résilience au changement climatique, changement climatique, القدرة على التكيف مع تغير المناخ، تغير المناخ

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Monday, 06 January 2014


Dr Amr Abdel Mageed, Galal Marzouk and Bassem al Sayed

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