Regional Knowledge Network on Water

Sustainable & Innovative Technologies

As part of the RKNOW themes, this thematic area or knowledge node will help identify the technologies that are best able to address local problems and meet needs while contributing to improving overall social, economic and environmental conditions in a target area.

Sustainable technology has been defined as a technology that provides for our current needs without sacrificing the ability of future populations to sustain themselves.

The responsible RKNOW partner for this knowledge node is the Palestinian Hydrology Group in Palestine (PHG) and supported by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL). 

This portal will help showcase and share lessons learnt and experiences from the field throughout the Arab region and Mediterranean in addition to other regions.



IUCN ROWA - treatement plant

© IUCN ROWA - Wastewater treatment plant construction, Jordan

Sayel wishahi

© Sayel Wishahi, Artificial Recharge Well, Palestine

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